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Developed in 2012 to meet the needs of construction projects in Brazil, the first EnSaca machine was designed to sandbagging and gravel on site. Brothers Valter and Volni Biason simplified the material loading process by eliminating the conveyor belt, thus creating a bagging machine that was quick, easy to use, and extremely cost effective.

This model proved so popular with contractors in Brazil that EnSaca soon developed additional bagging machines capable of handling a variety of materials from organic compost to plaster.






EnSaca bagging machines meet the following specifications:

  • •   Easily moved and positioned;
  • •   Can be manually fed with a shovel;
  • •   Narrow enough to pass through 34-inch-wide doorways;
  • •   Compatible with dry and semi-dry granules as well as pellets;
  • •   Operating weights range from 2 to 80 pounds;
  • •   Fills bags more than 16 inches wide;
  • •   Storage capacity of more than 1 cubic yard of material;
  • •   Silo accessory with a 2.5 cubic yard capacity;
  • •   120 Volt Single Phase Electric;
  • •   Weather sealed;
  • •   Bags sealed on site;
  • •   Quiet Operation;
  • •   Encased shielded motors;
  • •   Adjustable bag holder.